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Nationality                  Date of Birth                           Marital Status             Religion

 Qatari                29th  November, 1971                          Married                       Muslim





Dynamic, analytical thinker with strategic planning skills. Effective and articulate communicator with ability to establish bonds with individuals at all levels. With more than 10 years of experience in cultural and artistic activities, locally and internationally. Knowledgeable in the areas of organizing events such as seminars, conferences and art exhibitions. For instance, organized more than ten private exhibitions and several seminars in Doha and internationally –Palestine, Lebanon and several more– such as:

  • Abu Dhabi High Education Conference
  • Saudi Arabia King Faisal’s World Award
  • Abu Dhabi Sheik Zayed Falcon Release Program
  • Kuwait Theater Festival
  • Doha First and Second Qatar Economic Forums
  • DohaVCU’s Family & Design Conference
  • Cairo, Egypt Artists Honoring Festival


2006- Present  Artstique Design Gallery – Founding Director

  • Managing all responsibilities of the showroom such as meeting with the clients and managing PR and Social Media accounts
  • Prepare project presentations for clients
  • Manage employees that work within the Artistique family
  • ravel to supervise the flow of work with the overseas subcontracted factories


2009- 2010      Qmedia-Member of the consultant’s committee

Advisor for a number of different local and international projects


2006- 2008      Public Works Authority Ashghal – Consultant & Designer

Developed expertise in engineering and infrastructure


2006- 2008      Environment Agency Abu Dhabi-Member of the consultant’s committee

Advisor for a number of different local and international projects


2005- 2009      Katara – Consultant & Advisor

Presented the project to different organizations and individuals in a number of different countries




2015    Beirut Lebanon

Project Managerial Course


1994    Qatar University

BA Artistic Education





  2005 – 2006  Alrai Alaam (Kuwait) – Columnist

  • Wrote a weekly column on public opinion and society matters in the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf region

  1994 – 2005  Ministry of Education – Arts Teacher

  • Made informed selections of art content and curricula
  • Collaborate with other educators and teachers
  • Understood student characteristics, learning styles and the fact that each student had a different learning ability






2015    6D My Bouqnag & My Batoula Solo Exhibition

Cultural Village Katara Doha, Qatar


2013    Launching of her artwork, 12 meter high sculpture at Salam

The Gate Mall Doha, Qatar


2013    Private Exhibition at Dar Al-Kalima College (Bethlehem)

In collaboration and under the auspices of the Palestinian-Qatari

Friendship Association


2008    Calligraphy Biennale (Sharjah)


2007    Languages of Desert at Authority for Culture and Heritage (Abu Dhabi)

Under the auspices of Sheik Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan


2006    Modern Arts Museum exhibition (Kuwait)


2006    The Emirates Palace exhibition (Abu Dhabi)

Under the auspices of Sheik Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan


2006    Saison du Golfe at the Institute Arab World (Paris)


2005    Languages of Desert Bond at the Kunstmuseum Bonn (Germany)


2005    Private Exhibition (Paris)


2005    Private Exhibition (Jeddah & Riyadh)

Under the auspices of Emir Khalid Al Faisal


2005    Visual Art Competition part of Doha Cultural Festival


2004    Conceptual Art presentation (Doha)


2004    Private Exhibition (Beirut)

Under the auspices of Ghazi Al Aridi (former Minister of Education)


2004    Exhibition at the French Cultural Council (Doha)


2004    First Private Exhibition at the Sheraton Hotel (Doha)







2016    P1 Gallery London U.K.

                                             (November 10, 2016) Reconnecting Arts


2016    The National Arts New York USA

                                              (November 1- 25, 2016) MvVo Art Accessible Arts 2016


2016    Jeddah Saudi Arabia

             (October 2016) New Art from the Middle East Exhibition


2016    London U.K.

(August 2016) New Art from the Middle East at London Fashion Week


2016    Katara Doha Qatar

(August 2016) Summer Exhibition at Al Bahie Auction House


2016    Hewar Gallery Saudi Arabia

“EVE “ of famous Arab Women Artists 


2015    Ankara Turkey

Qatari Contemporary Artist Exhibition


2015    London United Kingdom –ART15 London

Exhibited latest artwork under the name of Batoula


2015    Katara Doha-Qatar

            Small painting –Visual Arts


2013    Abu Dhabi Art Fair (Dubai)

Exhibited latest artwork under the name of Batoula


2009    Mediterranean Cultural Exchanges (Beirut)


2007    Desert Whispers, Ghaf Gallery (Abu Dhabi)


2007    Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi” Reading (London)


2006    International Hunting & Equestrian Exhibition (Abu Dhabi)


2006    Dhaka Biennale (Pakistan)


2005    The G77 Qatari Artists Exhibition


2005    League & Islamic Solidarity Exhibition


2005    Al Baha Plastic Arts Exhibition (Saudi Arabia)


2004    Greece Olympic Games Art Exhibition


2003    Second Small Artistic Work (Beirut)


2003    Alaih Symposium Festival (Lebanon)





Received a number of certificates and awards from the following

authorities and centres:


Qatari & Kuwait Assembly of Plastic Arts

The Centre of Visual Arts

Artistic Creation Centre for Girls

Architectural Heritage Society (Dubai)

The 2005 Doha Cultural Festival

Winner Visual Arts Competition

The National Council of Culture Arts and Heritage

Trophy and certificate of appreciation

Qatar University and Ministry of Education

Certificate and participation medal

The Ministry of Health (Saudi Arabia)

Certificate of appreciation from