A contemporary Visual Artist Fatma received her Bachelor degree in Fine Arts from Qatar University in 1994. She has a number of art associations like the Qatari Association for Fine Arts, Girl’s Creation & Visual Arts Center

Fatma also took part and completed a number of training courses and workshops, as well as a number of functions and group art exhibitions:


·         November 10 till December 20  2016-  Re Connecting P21 Gallery  London

·         November 1  till November 25  2016-  MvVo Art Accessible Arts 2016 New York USA

·         October 2016-  New Art from the Middle East, Jeddah Saudi Arabia

·         August  2016-  New Art from the Middle East at London Arabia Fashion Week

·         August 2016-  Summer Exhibition,  Al Bahie Auction House Doha Qatar

·         March 2016-  “EVE “ of famous Arab Women Artists, Hewar Gallery  Saudi Arabia

·         May 2015-  ART15 London , Olympia London United Kingdom

·         March 2015 – Small Painting exhibition-Visual Arts Center- Qatar

·         November 2013 – Abu Dhabi Art Fair

·         April 2013 – First Qatari artist paints graffiti on the Isarel Apartheid Wall (West Bank barrier) with the Palestinian Art Student from “Dar Al-Kalima College”

·         May 2009 – Mediterranean Cultural Exchanges, Beirut

·         November 2007 – “Desert Whispers, Ghaf Gallery in Abu Dhabi

·         July 2007 – “Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi”, Reading in London

·         September 2006 – International Hunting & Equestrian Exhibition

·         February 2006 – Dhaka Biennale

·         March 2005 – League & Islamic Solidarity Exhibition

·         2005 – Albaha Plastic Arts Exhibition

·         2004 - Greece Olympic Games Art Exhibition

·         2003 – 2nd Small Artistic Work in Beirut

·         2003 – Alaih Symposium Festival in Lebanon

·         2002 to 2015 – Qatari art exhibition local and international


All these contributions allowed her to contemplate the world with no effort, as if she was in a state of silence that filled all her senses and lunges with an appetite for colors, flying alone away from the group like a colorful bird filled with the provocations of happiness and hope.

In her relentless efforts to polish her talent, Fatma is constantly on the move looking for what is new and unfamiliar, through her several private exhibitions:


·         November 2015 Solo Exhibition 6D My Bouqnag & My Batoula in Katara Doha

·         November 2013 launching of the her artwork, 12 meter high sculpture at Salam The Gate Mall Doha, Qatar

·         April 2013 personal exhibition in Bethlehem, Palestine

·         April 2008 – “Calligraphy” Biennale in Sharjah UAE

·         February 2007 – “Languages of Desert” in Abu Dhabi

·         December 2006 – “Modern Arts Museum” exhibition, Kuwait

·         September 2006 - “Emirates Palace”, Abu Dhabi

·         May 2006 – “Saison du Golfe” Institute Arab World, Paris

·         September 2005 - “Languages of Desert Bond”, Kunst Museum Germany

·         June 2005 – Private Exhibition, Jeddah and Riyadh

·         March 2005 – Visual Art Competition- Doha Cultural Festival, Qatar

·         October 2004 – Conceptual Art, Doha

·         August 2004 – Private Exhibition ,Beirut Lebanon

·         2004 – French Cultural Council, Doha

·         February 2004 – Private Exhibition, Sheraton Hotel in Doha

Overcoming the conventional form of a painting, she appeared on the painting stage through Sonography performance art, a Visual arts theatre play that won her the first prize at the 2005 Doha Cultural Festival under the name “The 4D”.

In 2007 she took part in Shiek Zayed project to release birds as a part of her constant cooperation with Abu Dhabi Environment Authority. That event inspired and motivated her to work for 3 years on exhibition exclusively for this unique project, which she called “The 5D Release”.

In 2007-2008 she worked on a more honest and revealing show “Al-Skeik” is an audio, visual and dynamic show that depicted Fatma’s swinging childhood, despite of all attempts to kill her dreams of freedom, Fatma kept her childhood alive and vibrant inside her. She was awarded several certificates and awards for her exhibitions including:


·         Winner Visual Arts Competition, Doha Cultural Festival 2005

·         Trophy and certificate of appreciation from the National Council of Culture Arts and Heritage, Doha Cultural Festival 2005

·         Certificate and participation medal from the Qatar University and Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia

·         Certificate of appreciation from Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia


This revelation provided her with a wider space to soar and release this state, riding over the impossible and the irrational.

Fatma also was chosen to take part with her art in a lot of development projects, she worked on fighting visual pollution in a lot of public and private squares and yards, which reflects the level of trust and appreciation that Fatma and her art enjoy amongst officials.

In June 2009 Fatma flew with her art expressions to the distressed and besieged “Gaza strip” in one of the main squares she sculpted with her fingers and laid down with her own hands the foundations of a memorial 10 meters high, over an area of 7 square meters commemorating the victims of the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

Fatma also writes free poetry in classical Arabic, as well as rhyme poetry in the colloquial dialect. One of her poems is


Who Reads Me?

Who dares to challenge all this overwhelming roar of art and my madness that invents marrow?

Who can touch the silent eagerness and readiness in the eyes of my paintings from all sides… directions… destination?